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Mug of Sunshine


Just wanted to give a shout out to my friend Yan Ling for these hand made manly imperfect mugs. My husband and just love using them. They are un-identical with it’s quirky “imperfect-ness” that can only be done by hand. Appreciate the time and patience you put into making these warming earthy mugs for us. With the bamboo spoons they are just perfect for your many sips of tea/coffee or my personal preference of hot beverage at 10pm – Hot Chocolate ~ Lots of it!



These little mugs of sunshine are from her little pottery business called Euphoramics.




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Tea Time

Surfing around my favourite blogs this afternoon while the children are down for their afternoon nap and I came across this Buttermilk Beignets from Joy the Baker. Remember having them in New Orleans with a simple cup of coffee… it was perfect.

Buttermilk Beignets

I’m seriously going to consider making this next week and hopefully be able to turn this around tea time next weekend.

Check out the recipe and let’s make them together! x