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Urban Kandy Dining

I can’t believe we’re a week away from it being February already. Where are the days going?!?

Very exciting time for us though as we unveil our latest range of Dinner Plates exclusively within Urban Kandy.

What’s so special about them?
Each piece are individually hand painted by our very talented local artist Janet Lin. More about Janet Here.

Table Setting

We were very excited to “break” them in (for display purposed only) during our formal Christmas dinner party.

At the moment, we have 20pieces of 3 designs. This are our Palm Tree motif plates.

Palm Tree

…our Fern Leaf motif


…and our Flower Bud motif.


Flower Bud Motif

Palm Leaf Mofif

Palm Tree Motif

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Let’s talk about Celadon.



Not many of you would know that by definition, “celadon” stands for the pale green or greyish-green glaze used to coat the classic pottery of China, although this term now denotes the pottery itself. Originating about 3,500 years ago. The finest celadon was reserved for the imperial palace. During the reign of the Sung Dynasty Emperor Huizong (1101 to 1125 A.D.), potters created Ru celadon with a sky-blue crackled glaze. Some Ru celadon still exists, considered among the finest examples of Chinese celadon.

The unique green celadon glaze is a result of iron oxide’s transformation from ferric to ferrous iron during the firing process ~ 2400° F (1300° C). The thickness of the glaze is also important. The cracks won’t form if the glaze is too thin, and they will collapse if the glaze is too thick.


In the 15th century, Chiangmai became a new area of celadon production. However, between the 16th and early 19th centuries, celadon production ceased in Thailand during this period of conflict with Burma. In the early 20th century, celadon manufacturing resumed, replicating the ancient standards of Si Satchanalai. Today’s production remains faithful to the past, except for machines and molds for selected items like plates.



Urban Kandy proud to carry a gorgeous range of these earthly (Oven, Dishwasher and Microwave Safe) tablewares of Thai Celadon and Terracotta serving dishes and bowls. Visit our online store here to have a look at our full range of items.


Vase images from here. Celadon bunny from here. Flower vase image from here. Celadon plate image from here.

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Every once in a while I embark on something very exciting and new. I love learning and exploring new directions when it comes to product manufacturing. This excites me most and also scares me most too.



I hope I look into my business as this great big adventure, where you’ll only enjoy the experience when you focus on working hard to make it work and having fun with the journey.


Understanding that everything requires risk and without it, nothing big can be accomplished.



All images from here.

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Bring on the Celadon

Yippie! We couldn’t be more excited with our latest addition of Celadon and Terracotta Earthware here at our Urban Kandy web store. I absolutely love them. Especially since they’re so “solid” and very pretty and of course not to mention, Dishwasher / Oven and Microwave safe! What’s also special about them is that they’re hand made. None of that factory produced nonsense this Celadon craftsmanship is something passed on from generation to generation originated thousand of years ago from China.

Check out our web store here

We look forward to introducing more soon.

Maybe it’s the tone or maybe the texture but I can’t get enough of terracotta. We painted our New York apartment walls to the shade of terracotta. I’m still not over it. I want more!

Second image taken from here. Third image taken from here.