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Designer Focus – Janet Lin


Here’s a little bit of information about Janet Lin, designer / artist of our featured hand painted dinner plates.



I’ve gotten to know Janet many years ago and was taken in by her soft spiritual demure. She lives with her son Andy along with her well looked after cat. Every time I visit her bright apartment (top floor)I remember her wide open windows welcoming a soft breeze that constantly uplifts her home make it very welcoming. She offers me slippers, traditional Chinese tea and biscuits every time, sometimes a little gift to bring home for the kids. A true warm hearted lady.



Janet takes pride in her hobbies. She comes with an artistic background, later finding herself in Singapore as an art supplier bringing in unique pieces of art from her home country Taiwan.


She soon took to her hobbies making them a lifestyle and now a business. She paints, makes jewellery and does pottery. Her skills in creativity and concentration is something I feel is spiritual as she puts in a lot of passion and time in her art. This is the main reason how this collaboration came about and why I hope that this would last for many more projects to come.


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Put a Ring on It!

I’m not one who likes to buy jewellery, in fact almost every jewellery I own was given to me so there’s something special to be said for each of them. But if I was to define my kind jewellery, Alexis Russell would be it.

My grandfather was a gold smith, he made some very beautiful pieces for his 7 daughters (Yes you heard me right… SEVEN, would like to add he had 7 sons too!). Rough cut hand made pieces are my personal favourites with minimal dramatic effects or complicated twists and turns.

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She’s Got the Look

Image from Design Darling

That Watch

Image from Coco+Kelly

Those Bracelets

Image from Dream a Little Dream

That Sweater

Image from Patterson Maker

That Dress

Image from Patterson Maker

That Flow

Image from Patterson Maker

That Look

Image from Patterson Maker

That Jacket

Image from Patterson Maker

The Working Girl Outfit

Image from Patterson Maker

That Necklace

Image from Patterson Maker

That Confidence

Image from Patterson Maker

That Holiday Look