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The Big Leap ~ My Notes ~

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Bookclub, we have another great book to talk about.  Whoop whoop! I’ve managed to finish another book! Only took me a month! No, I’m not a slow reader, I do believe though I’ve got an issue with concentration. Not sure if this is normal for the rest of you but I can read or even speed read but words will only be just words for me and not transform to information in my brain. I think I might have dyslexia but hey, you have to learn to work around such things.

So I write notes down on little post-its and paste them in the book and I end the book I type them out… (Yes, I actually take the time to type it out onto a online notepad where I can read it again to myself, this time it’s my summarised / condensed version of the book) It normally will trigger memory back and in a way helps me to be able to refer to something easily. Have I every told you that I am a organising freak as well. Well there you go!

Back to The Big Leap….
Generally this book is for everyone, because we are all dealing with the same problem in dealing with happiness. You have probably heard many time before this saying being said in so many ways, “The biggest problem that is holding you back is yourself”. We all know it. This book is about that, only the author Gay Hendricks have actually managed to condense it further that it helps you instead of trying to figure out the problem, he has already done that, you just need to learn to actively catch it when it comes. Learning what to catch is in this book. When you know what to catch, it’s a-lot easier to grasp it.

I would recommend this book to everyone, but especially if you are in the space in your life where you are already making active change and need more motivation more encouragement to help you along, this is a book for you. Because you will be stumbling over the same blocks anyone in their pursuit of their dreams will, but being ready and knowing what these blocks will show-up as will make it a lot easier to know that these are just blocks, not game changers that is there to stop you from moving forward. Once you register what they are it’s a lot easier to get through them and push forward.

Oh and if you ever need my notes for any reason. Well it’s here for you.