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Easter Entertaining

Following-up from our Easter Decorating post, I’ve been looking through some blogs and images for entertaining ideas.
We’re having a neighbours only get-together barbecue in our backyard, I’m thinking maybe a simple Easter themed table setting will set the right mood for a fun evening.

Here’s some ideas that I liked and would like to share.


This idea is simple and easy if you pretty much have a printer and toilet rolls oh and of course a few egg.
This can double up as a egg painting activity among your dining guests too!

From a great blog called Our Vintage Home
From a great blog called Our Vintage Home


This bunny napkin fold is just adorable and it’s EASY. Instructions can be found here…. Or here.


Yes simple and easy, yet not too overwhelming.

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Religious Charm

A beautiful conversion of an old church with added home extension to compliment.



I’m not sure how people would take to someone moving into a Church back in the day, especially if you’re unmarried and moving in with your partner. I suppose this day, everything is for sale with no connotations attached.



With that, your limitations are endless. I like the idea of creating the extension and keeping the main living space pretty spacious and simple to appreciate the historical look and feel of what it used to be.








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Setting Tables

Finally, we’ve settled into our new digs. It’s been a hair raising couple of months with working on the move, packing, shifting, contractors, unpacking etc. etc.

…but we’ve made it, we’re officially moved-in and everything has found it’s space. A self proclaimed organised freak, I’m glad for the opportunity to access the amount of junk we’ve accumulated and managed to clear a lot of the unwanted clutter whilst unpacking.

I don’t want to talk about the amount of money we’ve spend with the move/construction work/purchases… lets just say we’ll be dining in a lot more. With that, I just love the idea of hosting dinners in with friends and family a lot more now.

Simple Style


First image from here. Outdoor table setting image from here. Kettle On image from here. Forth image from here. Fifth image from here. Last image from here. Tuscany table setting from here.

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Bring on the Celadon

Yippie! We couldn’t be more excited with our latest addition of Celadon and Terracotta Earthware here at our Urban Kandy web store. I absolutely love them. Especially since they’re so “solid” and very pretty and of course not to mention, Dishwasher / Oven and Microwave safe! What’s also special about them is that they’re hand made. None of that factory produced nonsense this Celadon craftsmanship is something passed on from generation to generation originated thousand of years ago from China.

Check out our web store here

We look forward to introducing more soon.

Maybe it’s the tone or maybe the texture but I can’t get enough of terracotta. We painted our New York apartment walls to the shade of terracotta. I’m still not over it. I want more!

Second image taken from here. Third image taken from here.

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Keeping it Simple

I’ve recently been going over lots of images and reading one guest review after another on hotels and B&Bs in Italy. Some of the images are awe-inspiring. Looking at the old rustic Tuscan architecture and the interiors so raw and simple.

Image from Modern Hepburn
Image from Petterson Maker
Image from Petterson Maker
Image from Petterson Maker
Image from Petterson Maker

When you have rich history and stunning views, you don’t really need much but the basics that would compliment the natural originality of your environment.

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