Indian Marble Hand Painted Vase (Small)


Gorgeous, stylized floral designs, delicately picked out with gold foil, and setting of precious stones are used to turn out stunning pieces in eye-catching combinations of red, green, yellow or deep blue. hand-painted vase with its intricate craftsmanship, no two pieces are exactly the same. Minor color variations and imperfections contribute to the character of the art form.

Marble painting as an art form originated in Rajasthan during the sixteenth century. The Rajput kings and nobles of this state were dedicated patrons of arts and crafts. In Rajasthan there are around 4000 marble mines and since marble was readily available, it became the canvas for Rajput painters. Intricate images are drawn on stone and the brush of the painters seals it with eternal beauty.

These are unique heirloom items that are sought after by collectors for it’s beautiful handcraft and doubles as a gorgeous tea light lamp when illuminated.

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