2 Flower Sauce Dish (Green)


100% Natural and traditionally created by skilled artisans of Chiang Mai (Northern Thailand).

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Product Description

Celadon is a high fired stoneware with wood and ash glaze. Traditionally hand-made in attempt to duplicate opaque Jade. In Asia, especially in Thailand in China, Jade is seen as a naturally beautiful and strong bringing it’s owner luck and success.

It is named Celadon because of it’s totally unique glaze. Emerald Celadon is not only thick and strong but also has a crack like appearance under it’s glaze. The cracks are caused by the difference in the contraction of the clay from the glaze when the product is cooling. The crackle creates it’s unique beauty and value.

As celadon is a “man-made” product, it depends highly on the skill and technique of it’s craftsman therefore making it valuable. However, it not just designed to be looked at. It is made to be used. No chemicals are added in the making of this product. Celadon is 100% oven and microwave friendly.

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