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Designer Focus – Janet Lin


Here’s a little bit of information about Janet Lin, designer / artist of our featured hand painted dinner plates.



I’ve gotten to know Janet many years ago and was taken in by her soft spiritual demure. She lives with her son Andy along with her well looked after cat. Every time I visit her bright apartment (top floor)I remember her wide open windows welcoming a soft breeze that constantly uplifts her home make it very welcoming. She offers me slippers, traditional Chinese tea and biscuits every time, sometimes a little gift to bring home for the kids. A true warm hearted lady.



Janet takes pride in her hobbies. She comes with an artistic background, later finding herself in Singapore as an art supplier bringing in unique pieces of art from her home country Taiwan.


She soon took to her hobbies making them a lifestyle and now a business. She paints, makes jewellery and does pottery. Her skills in creativity and concentration is something I feel is spiritual as she puts in a lot of passion and time in her art. This is the main reason how this collaboration came about and why I hope that this would last for many more projects to come.


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I’ve been contemplating posting this for a while. Probably a little embarrassed to expose such simple resolutions but since it’s almost already February and so far it feels like my life is improving keeping up with these new year challenges. It’s non-intimidating, so it’s quite a refreshing change.

So here we go!

Getting back on my bike after 6years is accomplishment on it’s own. Getting over the insecurities of cycling in a city where it’s actually quite hazardous cycling on public roads is another thing. What’s surprising is noticing when you start doing what you enjoy you find others doing the same.

Blogging and digital marketing especially which I’m pretty rubbish at. But also to incorporate more travel for this year,and hope to explore the region a lot more. Focus on online sales / marketing strategies. Hope to get comfortable with this side of business this year. Easier said then done.

Me time…
…because just looking after yourself is it’s own therapy

This is a big one. I’ve tried many times to motivate myself to loose weight and get fit. I’ve come to realise that it boils down to what kind of exercise I enjoy most and to keep at it.

I don’t mean moisturising. A touch of a hand can mean so much. An hard grab, a spank, a tickle, stroking hair or even a hug can mean so much even without words. This year I want to practice using my hands more lovingly, especially with my children.

Because nature is too beautiful to not explore.

All images from Modern Hepburne

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Urban Kandy Dining

I can’t believe we’re a week away from it being February already. Where are the days going?!?

Very exciting time for us though as we unveil our latest range of Dinner Plates exclusively within Urban Kandy.

What’s so special about them?
Each piece are individually hand painted by our very talented local artist Janet Lin. More about Janet Here.

Table Setting

We were very excited to “break” them in (for display purposed only) during our formal Christmas dinner party.

At the moment, we have 20pieces of 3 designs. This are our Palm Tree motif plates.

Palm Tree

…our Fern Leaf motif


…and our Flower Bud motif.


Flower Bud Motif

Palm Leaf Mofif

Palm Tree Motif

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Check It Out

Going through my long neglected RSS feeds of my favourate blogs today and I’m discovering some very useful gems of information and words of wisdom. Since it’s rather much to personaly blog about each one I’ve decided to compile them here as good to check out

Have you ever wondered how someones creative workspace looks like? What goes on behind the scenes or inspiration to the thought process of some hands-on designers. I Do. Can’t wait to get my paws on this.


This Apple Tartlets recipe looks deliciously easy. Something that is sure to impress plus I think the tart base recipe is always useful for other fillings.

Some very inspiring words of wisdom for this week. Wisdom

Also this very awesome in your face yellow scissors.

I’m tempted to do this with pumpkins this Halloween.

Studio Life image from here. Apple Tartlets image from here. Words of wisdom image from here. Yellow Scissor Image from here. Pumkin idea from here.

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Milkhaus Design

The best purchase I bought this year is my home sewing machine.
I’ve been doing lots of my packaging and really proud of the result but I also learned that working personally on creating hand made products requires a-lot of thought and also creativity. Ideas don’t fall from the sky and that would require inspiration, some trial and error, and most importantly, it requires time.

This is the reason why I admire designers and products made through personal inspiration and personal time. Products are genuinely made with LOVE and to their best ability which to me are more valuable then any high end designer labelled factory made product.

I’ve come across another designer who’s products I find simple and very compatible with my personal style ~ Bethany Nelson. Understanding how therapeutic yet focus demanding creating and sewing is, I humbly appreciate these items she has in store.

Bethany Nelson

Bethany Nelson2

Bethany Nelson3

Bethany Nelson4




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The Words of Nate Berkus

Nate Berkus

I’ve always believed that your home should tell your story, so even if you identify strongly with one particular style or look, there’s no reason why you can’t layer in pieces that are more modern or well-travelled. A well put together home is not about everything matching…it’s about finding things that you truly love and then, because you love something, you find a place for it.

Nate Berkus profile picture from here.

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Where Magic Happens

To some, your office is your creative outlet. Its somewhere you work and you create where all your ideas come to life and takes movement. Your office is somewhere you go to focus for a few hours a day. Which is why the office is a pure reflection of the job you do and even your personal style.

I get inspiration from influential personalities and looking at the their personal space of work. Here are a few of my favourites.

Anna Wintour
Anna Wintour2

Anna Wintour1

Harvey Specter
Harvey Spector1

Harvey Spector2

Harvey Spector3

Jenna Lyon
Jeanna Lyon1

Jeanna Lyon2

Jeanna Lyon3

Michael Trapp
Michael Trapp3

Michael Trapp2

Michael Trapp1

One important functional piece of decor that every office should have is a beautiful “statement piece” table lamp… and we have some gorgeous lamps in store to help decorate and add a fistful of power and luxe to your power space.

Our Eucalyptus table lamp, hand carved and made from Tazmania. Gorgeous natural eucalyptus wood that ages with perfection and with gorgeous textures in 3 different shapes to choose from.



Anna Wintour profile image from here. Anna Wintour office picture from here. Harvey Specter image from here. Harvey Specter office image from here ...and here. Jenna Lyon profile image from here. Jenna Lyon office image from here...and here. Michael Trapp profile picture from here. Michael Trapp office cottage image from here ...and here.

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Around the Corner


September…. Is this true, it’s already September?
That leaves 3 months to Christmas.
Every year around this time we start putting out creative caps on to think of something special to introduce for our Christmas clients. We already have an idea in mind but you’ll have to keep watching this space to know what it is and how you can get your hands on it.

… of course it’s hand made my Moi.

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Let’s talk about Celadon.



Not many of you would know that by definition, “celadon” stands for the pale green or greyish-green glaze used to coat the classic pottery of China, although this term now denotes the pottery itself. Originating about 3,500 years ago. The finest celadon was reserved for the imperial palace. During the reign of the Sung Dynasty Emperor Huizong (1101 to 1125 A.D.), potters created Ru celadon with a sky-blue crackled glaze. Some Ru celadon still exists, considered among the finest examples of Chinese celadon.

The unique green celadon glaze is a result of iron oxide’s transformation from ferric to ferrous iron during the firing process ~ 2400° F (1300° C). The thickness of the glaze is also important. The cracks won’t form if the glaze is too thin, and they will collapse if the glaze is too thick.


In the 15th century, Chiangmai became a new area of celadon production. However, between the 16th and early 19th centuries, celadon production ceased in Thailand during this period of conflict with Burma. In the early 20th century, celadon manufacturing resumed, replicating the ancient standards of Si Satchanalai. Today’s production remains faithful to the past, except for machines and molds for selected items like plates.



Urban Kandy proud to carry a gorgeous range of these earthly (Oven, Dishwasher and Microwave Safe) tablewares of Thai Celadon and Terracotta serving dishes and bowls. Visit our online store here to have a look at our full range of items.


Vase images from here. Celadon bunny from here. Flower vase image from here. Celadon plate image from here.

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Bali and Me

Oh Bali, how I love thee…

How lush it is to have this 3hr hop on a plane destination.
…*POOF* we’re in beach heaven!

We stayed in Villa Rona in Changgu, only 20mins away from the hustle and bustle of Seminyak. For those who would like to visit Bali or go back, this is a gorgeous place to consider. Owner Ratna McGrath and her Villa Manager Kadek made sure we were well looked after the moment our driver picked us up from the airport.

Villa Rona Bali

Villa Rona Bali2

With children arriving, metal fence were installed instantly by the helpful staff to ensure even more peace of mind.


Another place we found just minutes from Villa Rona is Bungalow Living Bali Cafe also situated in Changgu.
Great store with gorgeous beach wood furniture and furnishings. Delicious coffee and cakes to go with.






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I’m always attracted to homes with clean straight lines, homes that are white and crisp. I think it’s mainly due to the fact that it’s impossible for my home to look like that. I’ve accepted that fact, after many years in the business I’ve fallen in love and collected many unique pieces that just about fit into our home without starting to look cluttered. (I’m don’t work well with clutter)


However nothing wrong with admiring.



If you’re decorating on a budget, upscale on the minimalist furniture and accessories you must have. i.e. sofa or table lamp, or even put down a little extra money to upscale your staircase. This alone can give great impact to your space.


Bedroom image from here.Kitchen image from here. Walkway image from here. Stairs image from here.

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Are you stuck

Got this message in an email from my Aunt Linda and though it’ll be great to share this on. :)



All of us encounter bumps on the road, as we daily breathe our way into becoming, We all face times of adversity, challenging moments and periods of crisis. They seem to be an integral part of a life fully lived. Some never move beyond the adversity, the challenge, the crisis.

If we are unable to make our way over these hills and bumps, we will remain stuck, sometimes permanently. Author Wilkie Au names ten ways that people get stuck on the journey called life:

We are stuck when we let past failures, poor decisions, missed opportunities make us unforgiving of ourselves and cynical about life.

We are stuck when we hang on to resentments toward those who have wronged us and let these resentments chain us to frustrating relationships.

We are stuck when we let ill-health and the normal aches and pains of growing old make us crabby and less appreciative of the small blessings of daily life.

We are stuck when we do not seek help for healing the poor images of the self resulting from childhood traumas that hamper our present lives.

We are stuck when we let envy of others consume us rather than gratefully acknowledging our own blessings
and developing our own gifts.

We are stuck when pain and hurts from past intimate relationships keep us from being loving and vulnerable.

We are stuck when fear of failure prevents us from trying new things.

We are stuck when anger about past disappointments and losses shuts us off from reconciliation with a God who wants to be close to us.

We are stuck when we despairingly stay in a miserable life situation because we cannot trust enough to opt for change.

We are stuck when we let fear rule our lives.

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Rebecca Atwood

Here is something I came across today on Apartment 34, this very talented fabric artist Rebecca Atwood and her cotton dying home made business. The blog gives us a peek into her work process and her passion to keep hand made works like these out there!




I’m always curious to peek into the people’s work studio to see what goes into the a design process.



I love home decorating with pieces that’s been made in someone’s personal space, and getting to know the person, the process, the inspiration and the time taken in creating each piece. To me that makes it special and worthy for my home.

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For those who are unsure of our packing if you are choosing or have chosen to purchase something from our store and had it sent directly to someone for a special occasion. This is our standard gift wrapping. We will write on the card addressing your receiver. If you have any other gift wrapping requests, please feel free to let us know in the comment section during your purchase.

Packaging image from here.