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The struggle is real guys. Everyday we’re loading our body with toxins and we are slowing poisoning ourselves simply because of very well marketed $$ products. Some companies spend tons of $ to create the best advertisement to get you to load on their stuff in your home. What’s in them… I don’t know. But I know it’s not natural.

My advise is KNOW WHO YOU ARE BUYING FROM. If the company is reputable and is open books to what’s in their products… chances are they are safe. If there are lots of pretty people in the ads and the house looks like the kind of house you want your house to be, then wake up guys they are Fooling Us. Know the company that you buy from. Look at their background. There is so much hoo-haa that’s getting swept under the carpet and we are being ignorant to it.

I was like that too, until these Essential Oils landed on my lap. I was giving my eldest son Panadol at least three times a week because he was suffering from joint pains from his tremendous growth spurt. (I’ve got all 6ft+ husband – poor thing) I was so worried every night pouring him a spoonful of this meds when he wasn’t even sick guys! That’s not right.. So when my dear friend Audrey kept posting about these oils and how well her son was responding to them I was like really, tell me everything about these oils! I wanted to get my hands on them ASAP.

Long story short, I have been using these oils for over a year and i’ve basically cleaned out all skincare products bought off the shelf and have been mixing my own, I clean my house with them, I cook with them… serious lifestyle  – changed. The more I use it the more I feel so many people needs to know that this stuff is the real deal. The company has an amazing backbone to it, for a change there are no secrets or fancy commercials!

So come check out the workshop. I host one twice a week, if you can’t make this one, drop me an email and I will tag  you onto the subsequent events.