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Where Magic Happens

To some, your office is your creative outlet. Its somewhere you work and you create where all your ideas come to life and takes movement. Your office is somewhere you go to focus for a few hours a day. Which is why the office is a pure reflection of the job you do and even your personal style.

I get inspiration from influential personalities and looking at the their personal space of work. Here are a few of my favourites.

Anna Wintour
Anna Wintour2

Anna Wintour1

Harvey Specter
Harvey Spector1

Harvey Spector2

Harvey Spector3

Jenna Lyon
Jeanna Lyon1

Jeanna Lyon2

Jeanna Lyon3

Michael Trapp
Michael Trapp3

Michael Trapp2

Michael Trapp1

One important functional piece of decor that every office should have is a beautiful “statement piece” table lamp… and we have some gorgeous lamps in store to help decorate and add a fistful of power and luxe to your power space.

Our Eucalyptus table lamp, hand carved and made from Tazmania. Gorgeous natural eucalyptus wood that ages with perfection and with gorgeous textures in 3 different shapes to choose from.



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