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Why I Love Instagram

I LOVE Instagram and I have to say a little addicted to it now. Facebook and I are kind of in an open relationship now. I mostly use it to browse and share eye opening videos from the internet that completely make me rethink our capability humanity. (I hope my friends don’t start thinking that I’m an introvert activist… I’m not really). I just do my bit and “share” these videos to pass on the gilt so I can clear my mind and feast my eyes on these Instagram Hotties!







































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Home Improvements

The before and after pictures speaks for itself.
My husband took 9hours in total over two weekend days to complete cleaning up our little communal yard.
What a difference clean bricks look compared to the grotty old weed infested version.


Now all that’s left is to purchase our trampoline for the kids and an outdoor picnic table for evening barbecues!


In light of all things outdoors at home, I’m seriously considering to start planting fresh herbs and growing them in my kid’s balcony! I know it sounds extremely fun, but plans like this for me usually backfire and most of time I’ll end up with too many empty pots, dead plants with motivation all lost.

I need to get into the right “positive” frame of mind. Visual. Here’s some really pretty pictures of other people’s thriving herb gardens.


How about these sweet looking Plant Markers.


Another brilliant planting tip using an old drawer.




Herb pots on table image here. Kitchen DIY herb planter from here. Gardening image from here. Twinings herb image from here.

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Religious Charm

A beautiful conversion of an old church with added home extension to compliment.



I’m not sure how people would take to someone moving into a Church back in the day, especially if you’re unmarried and moving in with your partner. I suppose this day, everything is for sale with no connotations attached.



With that, your limitations are endless. I like the idea of creating the extension and keeping the main living space pretty spacious and simple to appreciate the historical look and feel of what it used to be.








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Home on the Ranch

Filled with so much happiness today as it’s but youngest son’s 1st Birthday today. Looking back over the past year, I feel a sense of true pride over the trials and joy bringing our youngest born into this world and into our life. His light will truly bless everyone that has come or will come to know him. Indeed a special guy.

Ellen <3

Looking at these pictures of Ellen and Portia’s Ranch home made my heart leap a little today too.
What a majestic place.






The mist and the beautiful trees. The natural awesomeness of this place is just heaven on earth.












Thank you Hema for sharing this post.

Images from Elle Decor

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Home Sweet Home

Knock knock!! Welcome to my humble home. Please come in.
I am in love with this gorgeous sleek black door and frame. The stone porch and porch light accessorizing the whole entrance perfectly.
Obviously this is pure fantasy. Just go along with it.

We like to keep our entertaining outdoors as often as possible so we went for bifolds creating an open space where our guests can flow easily in and our of the house.

Even as a transition space to kitchen, it’s still a place to mingle and faff around. So we made it inviting.

A big and bright kitchen is imperative. It’s a place for family breakfast, preparing lovely family meals, and the special place where friends and family come to for some tea and sympathy.

Waking up every morning to calmness is what we should strive for in life.

Once again a sense of calm oozing from every part of our home. With lush country green as our backyard. It’s rude not to keep everything else open and simple.

Last but certainly not least, our little mud room situated on the left from the house’s rear entrance. A place for my daily Birkin.

~ Thank you to all the gorgeous homes for making this dream a visual reality ~

First and last image from here. third image from here. Third and forth image from here. Fifth image from here. Sixth image from here.

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Bad Habits

Hope you are all having a wonderful start to the week.
Did you have a good weekend?

My husband and I have come to agree that our weekends would require some sort of pre-planning. Waking up in the morning discussing what we’d like to do for the day doesn’t work.

I’m not sure how we’re going to plan next weekend as it’s only boring Monday.

Unless it’s winter because otherwise I would rather be faffing around the house keeping this fireplace company.

First image from hereSecond image from hereThird image from here

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The Adult Home

When the kids are all grown up and my house is less likely to be royally trashed. This is something to look forward to. I believe in town and country homes. Town houses are somewhere you can live in for easy commuting back and forth from work or to be closer to friends. Country living is mainly about spending time at a quieter and slower pace with family and taking a breather from the hustle and bustle of the city and to get back to nature. The only question is where…

How is this for a gorgeous town house.
Although I’ve not had a proper night’s sleep in months and my home is starting to look like a Mother Care store with play-pens, changing tables and strollers all taken out of storage and set-up. I’m still hopeful that it’ll one day look like this.

I’m in love with this closet room with the middle island table with drawers. Getting dressed can be fun!

I wish I could get away with a bright pink front door like this with a large diamond door knob.

Another cool thing about this adult home is to have a bookshelf filled with design books nicely organized along with collected ornaments.

Swiftly snapping back to reality….
Time to get my delivery bag packed.

First and Second image from here. Third image from here. Forth image from here. Fifth image from here. Pink door image from here. Book shelf image from here.

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25 Days Counting Down

The countdown begins. It’s 25 days till Christmas. My Christmas tree is up, wrapping papers and ribbons all stocked up, I’m googling gingerbread recipes… What Have I Turned Into…?!? I blame it on being a mother celebrating for the first time where my son is actually old enough to enjoy it.

Image from Apartment 34

Back to the subject of baking, I can see myself doing lots of baking in this kitchen. I’m in love with the stone sink and counter tops. Glass windows bringing in natural light into the space… Sure it’ll be a nightmare to clean but that’s not the point.

Image from Apartment 34

Image from Apartment 34

Moving on from dream kitchens to dream bathrooms. How would this suit you?

Image from Apartment 34

And what about this to die for Laundry/Whatever room. I’ll never be behind with the washing… Promise!

Image from Design Darling

I love looking at this corridor. First of all I love dark hardwood floors paired with a light rug and white walls. The matching wooden ceiling and lighting polishes up the walkway very nicely.

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Let the Weekend Begin

I can’t seem to shake this cough and I’m going on holiday tomorrow for a week. Maybe that is what I need.
Whilst I’m excited thinking of what to pack for myself. I’m dreading thinking of what I need to bring my for 1year old.

Here are my favorite interiors of the day. How adorable are these corners.

I’m a sucker for naturally sun lid homes and with that large windows to draw every bit of sunlight in.

Old wooden floor boards are so romantic. Don’t you think?

I’ll move to the country guaranteed if this is what I can open my door to every morning.

I nice to have a space in your house to incorporate a high ceiling look like this. It just makes the home look so grand even if it’s for one room of the house.

Large old coffee tables are definitely my thing.

All images taken from Dream A Little Dream