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Grandma’s Farewell

We had to deal with the loss of a family member last week. It was the first time where I watched someone take their last breath. The reality of this was surreal that I had to take perspective to what I was witnessing. As she took her last breadth I saw beauty as she lay there on the hospital bed, with her children beside her touching her face, hands, head and hear and down by the foot of the bed are some of her grandchildren, touching her feet, legs. Weeping but at same time saying goodbye to this beloved woman who spent all of her life raising her 14 children.

I always thought that my grandmother was an amazing (crazy!) lady to have had 14 children… and at that time she never had baby monitors, breast pumps, food processors, bugaboo prams and pretty cots. No none of that. My Mom’s early memory of her mother was that she always had a baby in her and one on her at all times. Not to mention she could converse in 4 different languages and till her 93rd Birthday she enjoyed long conversations on the phone.

But the biggest appreciation for her came to me during the days of her funeral. The days after her death brought together 4 generations of families. I look at what my Grandmother sacrificed raising 14 children, which meant no chance for family travel, no fancy restaurant meals, no pretty furniture and comfortable quiet peaceful home, no time to her self…  but when I look at at my children I can see now who the real benefactors are.

My Grandparents blessed us with the most precious gift in the world which is the gift of Family. We have family spread out into so many countries around the world. Seeing them all come together to pay their respects their mother and Grandmother I can’t help but notice how amazingly vast we have spread ourselves but at the same time we are all still part of One.

When I brought my children to the wake I was humbled by how my Aunties instantly took on the role of Grandmothers, cousins took the role of Aunties and Uncles and my Nieces and Nephews took the role of Brother or Sister to my kids and vice versa. That is the beauty of our existence and truly God’s blessings for us to understand the vastness of what Love is.

So embrace the people in your family. Give them a call and get complete with each and every one of them. They might be completely different in personality to you but is just a small stone in the ocean to the amounts of benefits



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Mug of Sunshine


Just wanted to give a shout out to my friend Yan Ling for these hand made manly imperfect mugs. My husband and just love using them. They are un-identical with it’s quirky “imperfect-ness” that can only be done by hand. Appreciate the time and patience you put into making these warming earthy mugs for us. With the bamboo spoons they are just perfect for your many sips of tea/coffee or my personal preference of hot beverage at 10pm – Hot Chocolate ~ Lots of it!



These little mugs of sunshine are from her little pottery business called Euphoramics.




All images from here

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Tales to Tell

New found favourites:

Stay by Rhianna. Love this song a little too much. This girl has got it in the bag!

Gorgeous jewelry by Kathy Rose.


Some very intesting business advice.
Read it here.

“If you’re not going to be great in sales, go get another career, because it’s too hard to do if you’re not going to succeed,” Cardone adds. “Great salespeople are literally the engine of every economy in the world.”

First image from Kathy Rose Jewelry

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Put a Ring on It!

I’m not one who likes to buy jewellery, in fact almost every jewellery I own was given to me so there’s something special to be said for each of them. But if I was to define my kind jewellery, Alexis Russell would be it.

My grandfather was a gold smith, he made some very beautiful pieces for his 7 daughters (Yes you heard me right… SEVEN, would like to add he had 7 sons too!). Rough cut hand made pieces are my personal favourites with minimal dramatic effects or complicated twists and turns.

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Breakfast Nook

We’re keeping this picture of this adorable breakfast nook in our image database for sure.
This is the kind of kitchen I would like to have if when we decide to move out into our own place.

Some serious entertaining and cooking can happen here. Love the abundant variety of storage compartments and drawers. Clean and simple and just very straight forward.

Two very important things I’d like to point out that’s included here are the 1) Wine Fridge (a decent size one too!) and 2) The wall mounted television this is a totally livable space where let’s be frank the family is going to be spending much time in.

Kitchen wraps around banquette. Love.

Images taken from here.

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Home Sweet Home

Knock knock!! Welcome to my humble home. Please come in.
I am in love with this gorgeous sleek black door and frame. The stone porch and porch light accessorizing the whole entrance perfectly.
Obviously this is pure fantasy. Just go along with it.

We like to keep our entertaining outdoors as often as possible so we went for bifolds creating an open space where our guests can flow easily in and our of the house.

Even as a transition space to kitchen, it’s still a place to mingle and faff around. So we made it inviting.

A big and bright kitchen is imperative. It’s a place for family breakfast, preparing lovely family meals, and the special place where friends and family come to for some tea and sympathy.

Waking up every morning to calmness is what we should strive for in life.

Once again a sense of calm oozing from every part of our home. With lush country green as our backyard. It’s rude not to keep everything else open and simple.

Last but certainly not least, our little mud room situated on the left from the house’s rear entrance. A place for my daily Birkin.

~ Thank you to all the gorgeous homes for making this dream a visual reality ~

First and last image from here. third image from here. Third and forth image from here. Fifth image from here. Sixth image from here.

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Calming Effect

Another roller coaster week.
I’m drawing very close to D-date and I’m a little nervous that I’ve not yet packed my delivery bag because I have this horrible feeling that I’m about to drop this baby any day now and I hate not being 100 percent prepared.

I suppose that you can’t be fully prepared all the time but with sleep depravity, the constant activity of a 2 year old (and the tantrums that comes with them) and my anal organization tendencies.. I feel like I need to take a few steps back and extract myself from the overall picture to re-evaluate EVERYTHING.

Anything relating to ocean and the beach, sea is calming. I love these coral lamps and beach house decor at the moment. Nothing is more relaxing that having a home looking out into the ocean.

First image from here. Second image taken from here. Third image from here.

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My Kind of Living

I admit this is a little far fetched of a dream come I hope would come true. But you can’t blame a girl for thinking big. So this town house would ideally be located in the UK, Italy or France… Not fussed really. Just love the entrance way, the windows.. everything about it is just calls to me. This is going on my vision board for sure!

If it’s not a town house. The country living also works well for me. Sure I’ll be doing a lot more jam making and baking but seriously why wouldn’t you.. Throw in a few dogs in the large back garden and a gorgeous fire place to warm the place in the evenings. Living at it’s best.

I’d keep my bed and bath simple too with a view like this to take my breadth a way when I wake up in the morning.

*First town house image from here | Town house living room image from here | My Kind of Living image taken from here | Kitchen image taken from here | Rustic bathroom and bedroom image from here

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On the Look Out

We’re always on the look out for charming shop spaces for a retail store.
Sure with a toddler and another child on the way, this might seem a little distant but you can’t be too prepared to know what you want.

This Etsy Lab courtyard location is absolutely stunning.
…Sure it’s in Kruezberg, Berlin but I find this location totally charming.

First image found here, second image found here, third image found here


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Great Things to Come Home to

There’s a certain charming atmosphere about this place.

I wouldn’t mind the lack of privacy if I could roll out of ben into this beautifully tiled shower.

Dark wood floors, open concept kitchen. Gorgeous natural wood dining table. I’m in love with this kitchen.

Cluster homes image from here, bathroom and kitchen images from here & bedroom image from here


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Weekend Notables

Hope everyone is having a relaxing/lazy Sunday. I’m excited to say that I’m now a proud owner of a brand-spanking new Kindle Touch which came in the mail yesterday. I’ve always know how enriching reading can be as compared to watching crap TV like the Kardashians (not worth linking~sorry) but all of last year I’m sad to day that I probably made it through only one book! I made a promise to myself that this year I will make up for all that I fell short of in 2011.

If like me, you feel like all you’re doing is trying to juggle all these balls of responsibilities and trying to make them work but feel like you’re hitting dead-ends, then this book is work reading ~ 7 Habbits of Highly Effective People. It’s a real eye opener into looking at life/work’s perspective and taking steps to see actual results.

The other book I’ve just downloaded onto my Kindle is “The Last Lecture” by Randy Pausch

Other Notable for this weekend is this song I can’t get out of my head.. by Mike Stocksdale. Happy Listening! Sx


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Load me up with Linens

Image from Plush Palate

On lord help me, I’m going crazy for linens.
I can’t look at another bedroom image without imagining the feel of fresh clean chrisp linen against my finger tips. The contrasting texture of the throws or the softness of pillows…

Image from Plush Palate

Image from A Gift Wrapped Life

Image from City Sage

I have to admit, the classic ivory white sheets are my favorite but I’m willing to try colors in my bedroom. The most popular of current are white and browns. Simply because it goes with our wooden furniture. I wouldn’t mind throwing on sexy silk red bed linen and roll around in it for a bit.

Image from Rooney Robinson Antiques