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Every once in a while I embark on something very exciting and new. I love learning and exploring new directions when it comes to product manufacturing. This excites me most and also scares me most too.



I hope I look into my business as this great big adventure, where you’ll only enjoy the experience when you focus on working hard to make it work and having fun with the journey.


Understanding that everything requires risk and without it, nothing big can be accomplished.



All images from here.

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Home on the Ranch

Filled with so much happiness today as it’s but youngest son’s 1st Birthday today. Looking back over the past year, I feel a sense of true pride over the trials and joy bringing our youngest born into this world and into our life. His light will truly bless everyone that has come or will come to know him. Indeed a special guy.

Ellen <3

Looking at these pictures of Ellen and Portia’s Ranch home made my heart leap a little today too.
What a majestic place.






The mist and the beautiful trees. The natural awesomeness of this place is just heaven on earth.












Thank you Hema for sharing this post.

Images from Elle Decor

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Setting Tables

Finally, we’ve settled into our new digs. It’s been a hair raising couple of months with working on the move, packing, shifting, contractors, unpacking etc. etc.

…but we’ve made it, we’re officially moved-in and everything has found it’s space. A self proclaimed organised freak, I’m glad for the opportunity to access the amount of junk we’ve accumulated and managed to clear a lot of the unwanted clutter whilst unpacking.

I don’t want to talk about the amount of money we’ve spend with the move/construction work/purchases… lets just say we’ll be dining in a lot more. With that, I just love the idea of hosting dinners in with friends and family a lot more now.

Simple Style


First image from here. Outdoor table setting image from here. Kettle On image from here. Forth image from here. Fifth image from here. Last image from here. Tuscany table setting from here.

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Protect that Tress

Is it me or is it getting hotter day by day. Bring on the monsoon season!!
With regards our sunny climate and our traditional weekends by the pool this will be particularly helpful if you have dry tresses like me. Tips from here

Before heading out to the beach or getting into chlorinated water…

  1. Wet your hair first with clean water. You can leave yours wet from the shower in the morning, or use the shower at the pool or beach
  2. Wring out excess water.
  3. Apply a conditioning masque. I love Masque Chroma Riche by Kerastase, but any deep conditioner should do the trick.
  4. Don’t rinse! Simply comb through with a wide toothed comb.

Since you’ve already filled your hair with water and conditioner, it wont be able to absorb harmful chlorine or salt water. The heat from the sun will help your hair absorb the masque all day long, and since this is so moisturizing it will bring out your natural curls without leaving hair greasy at all. You can repeat the process if you’re out all day, and at night just shampoo and condition as usual and your hair will feel like it has spent all day in a conditioning treatment.

Image taken from here.

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The Adult Home

When the kids are all grown up and my house is less likely to be royally trashed. This is something to look forward to. I believe in town and country homes. Town houses are somewhere you can live in for easy commuting back and forth from work or to be closer to friends. Country living is mainly about spending time at a quieter and slower pace with family and taking a breather from the hustle and bustle of the city and to get back to nature. The only question is where…

How is this for a gorgeous town house.
Although I’ve not had a proper night’s sleep in months and my home is starting to look like a Mother Care store with play-pens, changing tables and strollers all taken out of storage and set-up. I’m still hopeful that it’ll one day look like this.

I’m in love with this closet room with the middle island table with drawers. Getting dressed can be fun!

I wish I could get away with a bright pink front door like this with a large diamond door knob.

Another cool thing about this adult home is to have a bookshelf filled with design books nicely organized along with collected ornaments.

Swiftly snapping back to reality….
Time to get my delivery bag packed.

First and Second image from here. Third image from here. Forth image from here. Fifth image from here. Pink door image from here. Book shelf image from here.

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Calming Effect

Another roller coaster week.
I’m drawing very close to D-date and I’m a little nervous that I’ve not yet packed my delivery bag because I have this horrible feeling that I’m about to drop this baby any day now and I hate not being 100 percent prepared.

I suppose that you can’t be fully prepared all the time but with sleep depravity, the constant activity of a 2 year old (and the tantrums that comes with them) and my anal organization tendencies.. I feel like I need to take a few steps back and extract myself from the overall picture to re-evaluate EVERYTHING.

Anything relating to ocean and the beach, sea is calming. I love these coral lamps and beach house decor at the moment. Nothing is more relaxing that having a home looking out into the ocean.

First image from here. Second image taken from here. Third image from here.

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My Kind of Living

I admit this is a little far fetched of a dream come I hope would come true. But you can’t blame a girl for thinking big. So this town house would ideally be located in the UK, Italy or France… Not fussed really. Just love the entrance way, the windows.. everything about it is just calls to me. This is going on my vision board for sure!

If it’s not a town house. The country living also works well for me. Sure I’ll be doing a lot more jam making and baking but seriously why wouldn’t you.. Throw in a few dogs in the large back garden and a gorgeous fire place to warm the place in the evenings. Living at it’s best.

I’d keep my bed and bath simple too with a view like this to take my breadth a way when I wake up in the morning.

*First town house image from here | Town house living room image from here | My Kind of Living image taken from here | Kitchen image taken from here | Rustic bathroom and bedroom image from here

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Great Things to Come Home to

There’s a certain charming atmosphere about this place.

I wouldn’t mind the lack of privacy if I could roll out of ben into this beautifully tiled shower.

Dark wood floors, open concept kitchen. Gorgeous natural wood dining table. I’m in love with this kitchen.

Cluster homes image from here, bathroom and kitchen images from here & bedroom image from here


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Friday: Stay Calm and Carry On

Feeling a sense of clam now that the weekend is almost here. I had wonderful week catching up with old friends and catching up with work always a plus.

Every other day I sit at my usual coffee shop (5 mins from home) to either work on my blog. Get some research or work done, but mostly to get inspired through blog reading and surfing the internet with my morning cup. After which I go home with a sense of clarity of what I have to get done within the day and prioritize my activity with spending time with my son at the same time.

This morning I stumbled onto a very interesting blog about positive/happy thinking from one of my favorite blogs Make Under My Life

Image from Make Under My Life

Have a look at this uniquely lighthearted presentation by Shawn Achor on how changing your mindset about happiness can lead you to being more productive in your daily tasks.

Images from First Rite Clothing

Also bumped into my re-accuring lust of outfits and today is this cute little work number taken from The City Sage

Image from The City Sage

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The Look for 2012

Image from Modern Hepburn

2012 is fast approaching. Brace yourself!
Most people do not believe in New Year resolutions anymore but I still do.
Although it’s tough to follow most of the time I’m still going to write mine down and try to stick to a few.


The classic resolution which comes back year after year.
Get back into shape. After baby #2 arrives. Yoga and running are in order!

Image from Modern Hepburn

Dress to impress! Do like the Italians.

Image from Modern Hepburn

A very meaningful quote I would like to carry with me throughout 2012.

Image from Modern Hepburn

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Good Morning World

Image from Modern Hepburn

It’s 8.30am and I’m sipping tea watching the world rush off to work. I have a list of things to do but it’s nice to have a moment to gather some inspiration for the rest of the day.

Image from Modern Hepburn

Hope everyone is having a fantastic morning.