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Designer Focus – Janet Lin


Here’s a little bit of information about Janet Lin, designer / artist of our featured hand painted dinner plates.



I’ve gotten to know Janet many years ago and was taken in by her soft spiritual demure. She lives with her son Andy along with her well looked after cat. Every time I visit her bright apartment (top floor)I remember her wide open windows welcoming a soft breeze that constantly uplifts her home make it very welcoming. She offers me slippers, traditional Chinese tea and biscuits every time, sometimes a little gift to bring home for the kids. A true warm hearted lady.



Janet takes pride in her hobbies. She comes with an artistic background, later finding herself in Singapore as an art supplier bringing in unique pieces of art from her home country Taiwan.


She soon took to her hobbies making them a lifestyle and now a business. She paints, makes jewellery and does pottery. Her skills in creativity and concentration is something I feel is spiritual as she puts in a lot of passion and time in her art. This is the main reason how this collaboration came about and why I hope that this would last for many more projects to come.


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Milkhaus Design

The best purchase I bought this year is my home sewing machine.
I’ve been doing lots of my packaging and really proud of the result but I also learned that working personally on creating hand made products requires a-lot of thought and also creativity. Ideas don’t fall from the sky and that would require inspiration, some trial and error, and most importantly, it requires time.

This is the reason why I admire designers and products made through personal inspiration and personal time. Products are genuinely made with LOVE and to their best ability which to me are more valuable then any high end designer labelled factory made product.

I’ve come across another designer who’s products I find simple and very compatible with my personal style ~ Bethany Nelson. Understanding how therapeutic yet focus demanding creating and sewing is, I humbly appreciate these items she has in store.

Bethany Nelson

Bethany Nelson2

Bethany Nelson3

Bethany Nelson4




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Where Magic Happens

To some, your office is your creative outlet. Its somewhere you work and you create where all your ideas come to life and takes movement. Your office is somewhere you go to focus for a few hours a day. Which is why the office is a pure reflection of the job you do and even your personal style.

I get inspiration from influential personalities and looking at the their personal space of work. Here are a few of my favourites.

Anna Wintour
Anna Wintour2

Anna Wintour1

Harvey Specter
Harvey Spector1

Harvey Spector2

Harvey Spector3

Jenna Lyon
Jeanna Lyon1

Jeanna Lyon2

Jeanna Lyon3

Michael Trapp
Michael Trapp3

Michael Trapp2

Michael Trapp1

One important functional piece of decor that every office should have is a beautiful “statement piece” table lamp… and we have some gorgeous lamps in store to help decorate and add a fistful of power and luxe to your power space.

Our Eucalyptus table lamp, hand carved and made from Tazmania. Gorgeous natural eucalyptus wood that ages with perfection and with gorgeous textures in 3 different shapes to choose from.



Anna Wintour profile image from here. Anna Wintour office picture from here. Harvey Specter image from here. Harvey Specter office image from here ...and here. Jenna Lyon profile image from here. Jenna Lyon office image from here...and here. Michael Trapp profile picture from here. Michael Trapp office cottage image from here ...and here.

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Around the Corner


September…. Is this true, it’s already September?
That leaves 3 months to Christmas.
Every year around this time we start putting out creative caps on to think of something special to introduce for our Christmas clients. We already have an idea in mind but you’ll have to keep watching this space to know what it is and how you can get your hands on it.

… of course it’s hand made my Moi.

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Rebecca Atwood

Here is something I came across today on Apartment 34, this very talented fabric artist Rebecca Atwood and her cotton dying home made business. The blog gives us a peek into her work process and her passion to keep hand made works like these out there!




I’m always curious to peek into the people’s work studio to see what goes into the a design process.



I love home decorating with pieces that’s been made in someone’s personal space, and getting to know the person, the process, the inspiration and the time taken in creating each piece. To me that makes it special and worthy for my home.

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One for the Weekend

I’m writing this blog early as I know the weekend is fast approaching. (it’s only wednesday) Yikes!!
But let’s not forget Mother’s Day is this Sunday. What have you thought to do for your mummy?

Here are some things of interest found.

First lets start off with a cool cocktail to kick off the weekend.
Honeyed French 75

This gorgeous twig ring from LEIF. You can buy it for your mum or if you’re a mum like me can shout it out on a wish list for some lovely fellow to see. 😉

Twig Ring

Or maybe some DIY gifts.
Find out how to make photographic tiles here.
Tile Art

Learn how to make your very own scented candles here.
Scented Candles

How about some baking! – Recipe
Banana Nut Bread

Links to all images mentioned above

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Protect that Tress

Is it me or is it getting hotter day by day. Bring on the monsoon season!!
With regards our sunny climate and our traditional weekends by the pool this will be particularly helpful if you have dry tresses like me. Tips from here

Before heading out to the beach or getting into chlorinated water…

  1. Wet your hair first with clean water. You can leave yours wet from the shower in the morning, or use the shower at the pool or beach
  2. Wring out excess water.
  3. Apply a conditioning masque. I love Masque Chroma Riche by Kerastase, but any deep conditioner should do the trick.
  4. Don’t rinse! Simply comb through with a wide toothed comb.

Since you’ve already filled your hair with water and conditioner, it wont be able to absorb harmful chlorine or salt water. The heat from the sun will help your hair absorb the masque all day long, and since this is so moisturizing it will bring out your natural curls without leaving hair greasy at all. You can repeat the process if you’re out all day, and at night just shampoo and condition as usual and your hair will feel like it has spent all day in a conditioning treatment.

Image taken from here.

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This Mummy Business


It’s a struggle juggling time and I’m not good at it by any stretch which is why I keep asking Mums with businesses like me this question…. “How Do You Do It?!?” It seems like they have a winning formula to be able to juggle kids & family and a successful business along with a great social life and always looking primped through it all! I want in on this secret please.

I’m happy to see this blog post from Design Darling on a mum and business owner just like me!

Don’t spend too much time worrying about all the “what ifs” because those can stifle you. Make like the Nike slogan and “just do it!”

This mummy business is serious. Since having my first I now know the sacrifices that mum’s go through. My mum started at the age of 22. Funny how you never noticed the way other mothers live until you become one yourself. How under appreciated they are and all the sacrifices they go through.

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She’s Got the Look

Image from Design Darling

That Watch

Image from Coco+Kelly

Those Bracelets

Image from Dream a Little Dream

That Sweater

Image from Patterson Maker

That Dress

Image from Patterson Maker

That Flow

Image from Patterson Maker

That Look

Image from Patterson Maker

That Jacket

Image from Patterson Maker

The Working Girl Outfit

Image from Patterson Maker

That Necklace

Image from Patterson Maker

That Confidence

Image from Patterson Maker

That Holiday Look

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Mommy Filter

Second day of remote working – Loving it! Zero distractions and no baby banging on the office door.
In the midst of my guilt, (although my helper is probably appreciating the fact that I’m not around to micro manage her) I’ve been on Momfilter to peek into my favourate New York/London moms and how to manage to juggle the stress of work and children yet able to look chic all the time.

Read More Here

How she keeps it together:
“I think children are more affected by the mood of their parents than anything else, so being happy is the most important thing you can do for them. My strategy is to have enough support to make sure that no one is being constantly rushed or nagged, and then the mood is light and everyone is having fun.”

Read More Here

I recently got this fantastic leather tote as a gift and used it as my carry-on when I traveled to Mexico with my family a few weeks ago. It weighs almost nothing–yet it’s sturdy enough to hold a laptop. While it has a great slouchy, Bohemian look, it’s also really practical: the invisible magnetic snap keeps belongings from tumbling onto the security conveyer belt.

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“The red pants are Rag + Bone. The sweater is Roberto Collina and I got it at Matta. The sandals were my favorite of summer 2011, from Gee WaWa. The bag is also from Matta. It really is my mom uniform!”