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Let the Weekend Begin

I can’t seem to shake this cough and I’m going on holiday tomorrow for a week. Maybe that is what I need.
Whilst I’m excited thinking of what to pack for myself. I’m dreading thinking of what I need to bring my for 1year old.

Here are my favorite interiors of the day. How adorable are these corners.

I’m a sucker for naturally sun lid homes and with that large windows to draw every bit of sunlight in.

Old wooden floor boards are so romantic. Don’t you think?

I’ll move to the country guaranteed if this is what I can open my door to every morning.

I nice to have a space in your house to incorporate a high ceiling look like this. It just makes the home look so grand even if it’s for one room of the house.

Large old coffee tables are definitely my thing.

All images taken from Dream A Little Dream

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Rugs… Love ’em!

Images from (left to right) Absolutely Beautiful Things / Design Darling / Apartment 34 / City Sage / City Sage / Coco + Kelly

Very interesting afternoon yesterday visiting the home of an antique rug collector. Got me looking into images of rugs and appreciating how these master weavers come up with something that can be simple but very crucial for all living spaces.

P.S. I’m feeling like this blog needs a desperate design makeover! Also getting my tooth extracted today so something to focus on while recovering.

Good weed week ya’ll!!

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