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The Big Leap ~ My Notes ~

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Bookclub, we have another great book to talk about.  Whoop whoop! I’ve managed to finish another book! Only took me a month! No, I’m not a slow reader, I do believe though I’ve got an issue with concentration. Not sure if this is normal for the rest of you but I can read or even speed read but words will only be just words for me and not transform to information in my brain. I think I might have dyslexia but hey, you have to learn to work around such things.

So I write notes down on little post-its and paste them in the book and I end the book I type them out… (Yes, I actually take the time to type it out onto a online notepad where I can read it again to myself, this time it’s my summarised / condensed version of the book) It normally will trigger memory back and in a way helps me to be able to refer to something easily. Have I every told you that I am a organising freak as well. Well there you go!

Back to The Big Leap….
Generally this book is for everyone, because we are all dealing with the same problem in dealing with happiness. You have probably heard many time before this saying being said in so many ways, “The biggest problem that is holding you back is yourself”. We all know it. This book is about that, only the author Gay Hendricks have actually managed to condense it further that it helps you instead of trying to figure out the problem, he has already done that, you just need to learn to actively catch it when it comes. Learning what to catch is in this book. When you know what to catch, it’s a-lot easier to grasp it.

I would recommend this book to everyone, but especially if you are in the space in your life where you are already making active change and need more motivation more encouragement to help you along, this is a book for you. Because you will be stumbling over the same blocks anyone in their pursuit of their dreams will, but being ready and knowing what these blocks will show-up as will make it a lot easier to know that these are just blocks, not game changers that is there to stop you from moving forward. Once you register what they are it’s a lot easier to get through them and push forward.

Oh and if you ever need my notes for any reason. Well it’s here for you.



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GRIT – By Angela Duckworth

GRIT Angela Duckworth

I honestly do not know how I managed to finish a book in less then a month. I tend to think that I do not have any time to read a book let alone finish it. So clearly I am pulling time from the sky and making it happen. Goes to show that you do make time for what you feel is important. I believe reading should be one of them.

If you are in the business of following your passion. Then this book IS a must read. I think I got a whole lot of nuggets from here. I don’t tend to run the highlighter onto my books, (primarily because I borrow most of my books from the library now and therefore that would be wrong) but what I do though is write a whole lot of post-it notes and stick them all over. When I’m done I pull out each note and read them over again because I seriously can’t absorb information just by reading it once (hands up if you can relate).

With this book, I not only read back each note but I made sure to document it for easy reference. In a nutshell this book Grit is not about success though being talented. Yes, some people can acquire success with their talent but for the rest of us, success is achievable through this simple thing called effort. As Will Smith put it quite clearly:

“Die on the treadmill. But if we get on the treadmill together, there’s two things. You’re getting off first, or I’m going to die. It’s really that simple.”

Find your passion and stick to it, work hard at it. Don’t use set-baks as poof that it doesn’t work for you. Banish that thought from your head forever. Instead replace it with the word GRIT! It’s a cool word and you don’t hear it being used very often. Think to yourself that this is the word that you would like be associated with and push forward with effort…. and GET this book! x

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International Women’s Day

What do we celebrate on International Women’s Day?

  1. Feminism?
  2. Sisterhood?
  3. Women’s Rights?
  4. All of the above???

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Starting from my mother, aunts, grandmother, cousins and girlfriends. They were my first influences, boys were not relatable except for my Dad but he was basically my hero. But these women were my first and primary influences growing up. They were ALL amazeballs! They kick ass especially my mom who worked but yet managed to be there for her family. She was the rock we all sat on in the middle of the shark infested waters ~ Ala Blake Lively in that shark movie. However I grew up a very insecure girl, why? Because society said I wasn’t good enough.

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Why are women never treated equal I will never understand. I think it has a-lot to do with insecurity of men. Maybe it’s the same reason why women don’t take stronger stands with supporting one another.

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Internation Women’s Day to me is all about women empowering other women. Sharing stories about your struggles doesn’t make you weaker, it makes you human and COURAGES. It opens the door to empathy which then leads to connection.


I’m reading this awesome book by Brené Brown, get your hands on it if you can with a good highlighter. There’s lots of good nuggets in there.


I’ve planted a photo here of my Grandma, my dear friend Chrissie and my Mom. *Note to Self: Take better photos with people’s faces fully in frame!* On that note I’m going to leave you with good thoughts of Love and Kindness.

Onwards and Upwards,

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The Words of Nate Berkus

Nate Berkus

I’ve always believed that your home should tell your story, so even if you identify strongly with one particular style or look, there’s no reason why you can’t layer in pieces that are more modern or well-travelled. A well put together home is not about everything matching…it’s about finding things that you truly love and then, because you love something, you find a place for it.

Nate Berkus profile picture from here.

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Are you stuck

Got this message in an email from my Aunt Linda and though it’ll be great to share this on. :)



All of us encounter bumps on the road, as we daily breathe our way into becoming, We all face times of adversity, challenging moments and periods of crisis. They seem to be an integral part of a life fully lived. Some never move beyond the adversity, the challenge, the crisis.

If we are unable to make our way over these hills and bumps, we will remain stuck, sometimes permanently. Author Wilkie Au names ten ways that people get stuck on the journey called life:

We are stuck when we let past failures, poor decisions, missed opportunities make us unforgiving of ourselves and cynical about life.

We are stuck when we hang on to resentments toward those who have wronged us and let these resentments chain us to frustrating relationships.

We are stuck when we let ill-health and the normal aches and pains of growing old make us crabby and less appreciative of the small blessings of daily life.

We are stuck when we do not seek help for healing the poor images of the self resulting from childhood traumas that hamper our present lives.

We are stuck when we let envy of others consume us rather than gratefully acknowledging our own blessings
and developing our own gifts.

We are stuck when pain and hurts from past intimate relationships keep us from being loving and vulnerable.

We are stuck when fear of failure prevents us from trying new things.

We are stuck when anger about past disappointments and losses shuts us off from reconciliation with a God who wants to be close to us.

We are stuck when we despairingly stay in a miserable life situation because we cannot trust enough to opt for change.

We are stuck when we let fear rule our lives.

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Tales to Tell

New found favourites:

Stay by Rhianna. Love this song a little too much. This girl has got it in the bag!

Gorgeous jewelry by Kathy Rose.


Some very intesting business advice.
Read it here.

“If you’re not going to be great in sales, go get another career, because it’s too hard to do if you’re not going to succeed,” Cardone adds. “Great salespeople are literally the engine of every economy in the world.”

First image from Kathy Rose Jewelry

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Down & Out


Why do people especially women strive to be perfect. To show that they are superwomen. Aren’t we that already without having to proof it to other women. It’s not like the man are bothered enough to notice. I think we women strive to keep up or even compete to be the best mother, wife, cook, daughter… against our own kind. The strive to have the perfect well brought up kids and getting that perfect fit body, cook gorgeous meals for family and guests while at the same time running a thriving business.

It’s important to find time to break away. Not everyday is a day to accomplish something. Sometimes a day of purely catching up on sleep and a book is equally important. To clear your mind to see what’s most important in life. I hope this up coming holiday would allow me to do that.


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Here is me, :) giving our Olympus camera another go.

Took this picture of our dining table flower arrangement.


Happy Tuesday everyone and with that I leave you with a very beautiful quote I conveniently stole from Facebook.

A boy asked his mom,
“How will I be able to find the right woman for me?”
The mom answered, “Don’t worry about finding the right
woman, concentrate on becoming the right man.”

– Unknown –

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Keep Calm and Carry On

Found a statement that’s pretty profound today. I think we have moments where we’re ashamed of ourselves and what we say in anger and on the flip side it takes someone with inner peace to not be effected by harsh words and to in fact keep calm and to carry on.

Thinking back on Neil Gaiman’s Commencement Speech with these words on vulnerability.

The moment you feel that just possibly you’re waking down the street naked.
Exposing too much of your heart and your mind, and what exits on the inside. Showing too much of yourself. That’s the moment you’re maybe starting to get it right.

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Lacking Luster

…and a very good Monday morning to you. With a miserable 4hours sleep last night I’m sucking down on my cup of chai latte writing this. Looking for something to get me through this week. There is so much to do with very little energy or enthusiasm to do it.

…and then, I saw this video and I’m inspired to go home and to firstly squeeze an additional 2 hours sleep followed by an extra warm shower and get my arse in gear to get the best out of today.

“..but the one thing you have that nobody else has is you. Your voice, your mind, your story, your vision. So write and draw and build and play and dance and live as only you can. The moment that you feel that just possibly you’re walking down the street naked, exposing too much of your heart and your mind and what exists on the inside, showing too much of yourself, that’s the moment you may be starting to get it right.”

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Gotta Have It

My little wish list isn’t looking very little. I’m adding this to my collection.

Another rainy day here. I feel like I’m getting into a good routine with the kids but feeling ashamed that I’m finding excuses to not start on getting my fitness routine back. It’s not been a month yet so I hope I can still use the recovery excuse… I remember watching this video sometime ago and seeing it again, does not help. TED video by Larry Smith. From today I’m eliminating the phrase “If only I had” from my thoughts totally.

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