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The Art of Relaxation


I’ll tell you the truth. I’m not a fan of writhing blog posts but I love posting and editing pictures. I used Photoshop Elements (and I’m still learning) to create this collage of photos. Not overwhelming you with the hundreds of photos I took during this holidays. I’m still debating very hard wether to get the new iPhone 7+ or to invest in a fancy smancy camera. Would love to take more photos to add to my blog and to my children’s private blog page. Any suggestions are welcome. There are so many photo filtering Apps that works well with the iPhone but now with Photoshop Elements I’m practicing fine-tuning some photos myself on my computer.

What have I appreciated most about this holiday… Is quality time with the family. We stayed at the beautiful Seclusions by the Bay. (<— Check out the link). I enjoyed the simple things like making breakfast together as a family, letting Garth tend the manly barbecue for the meats in the evening. Even washing the dishes while listening to spottify (‘your favourite coffeehouse’ playlist) not worrying about planning for the next day. Because the next day will be there and we are still on holiday and therefore no concrete commitments to plan for. Think that was the best feeling ever!


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Why I Love Instagram

I LOVE Instagram and I have to say a little addicted to it now. Facebook and I are kind of in an open relationship now. I mostly use it to browse and share eye opening videos from the internet that completely make me rethink our capability humanity. (I hope my friends don’t start thinking that I’m an introvert activist… I’m not really). I just do my bit and “share” these videos to pass on the gilt so I can clear my mind and feast my eyes on these Instagram Hotties!







































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Bali and Me

Oh Bali, how I love thee…

How lush it is to have this 3hr hop on a plane destination.
…*POOF* we’re in beach heaven!

We stayed in Villa Rona in Changgu, only 20mins away from the hustle and bustle of Seminyak. For those who would like to visit Bali or go back, this is a gorgeous place to consider. Owner Ratna McGrath and her Villa Manager Kadek made sure we were well looked after the moment our driver picked us up from the airport.

Villa Rona Bali

Villa Rona Bali2

With children arriving, metal fence were installed instantly by the helpful staff to ensure even more peace of mind.


Another place we found just minutes from Villa Rona is Bungalow Living Bali Cafe also situated in Changgu.
Great store with gorgeous beach wood furniture and furnishings. Delicious coffee and cakes to go with.






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Every once in a while I embark on something very exciting and new. I love learning and exploring new directions when it comes to product manufacturing. This excites me most and also scares me most too.



I hope I look into my business as this great big adventure, where you’ll only enjoy the experience when you focus on working hard to make it work and having fun with the journey.


Understanding that everything requires risk and without it, nothing big can be accomplished.



All images from here.

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Down & Out


Why do people especially women strive to be perfect. To show that they are superwomen. Aren’t we that already without having to proof it to other women. It’s not like the man are bothered enough to notice. I think we women strive to keep up or even compete to be the best mother, wife, cook, daughter… against our own kind. The strive to have the perfect well brought up kids and getting that perfect fit body, cook gorgeous meals for family and guests while at the same time running a thriving business.

It’s important to find time to break away. Not everyday is a day to accomplish something. Sometimes a day of purely catching up on sleep and a book is equally important. To clear your mind to see what’s most important in life. I hope this up coming holiday would allow me to do that.


First image from here. Second image from here.

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Ho Chi Minh City

Ok so my husband and I recently celebrated our 4th Anniversary in Ho Chi Minh City.
I was uber-excited, as this is the first time after a year taking a plane again! Best part… NO KIDS! It was only 2 days and 1 night, but I’ll take what I can get.

I was mostly walking the streets of HCMC on my own during the day as this was all work for Garth, but I throughly enjoyed time alone in a different city. Excited to check-out what the city had to offer while hugging my handbag close to me because honestly, I didn’t want a drive-by purse snatcher ruining my one day of holiday.

Over-all I love the city. The night life was awesome people were lovely but I don’t think I can get used to the traffic.

Some snaps taken to share :)

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I’m Back!

Image from Patterson Maker

Sorry for the long siesta from writing on our blog. Truth is we’ve been on a family vacation to Perth. It’s probably my last holiday for a long time. I’m due to give birth in April and my permission to travel ends in the end of February. To be honest, traveling from now on will be more of a chore then relaxation.

Few highlights of the trip was our weekend in Yallingup for our friend’s Steve and Jamie’s Wedding.
We stayed in this gorgeous apartment style accommodation called Seashels Yallingup (Photos of wedding and reception to come)

Words can’t describe how gorgeous it is up here. Weather was 40deg cel and humidity was at a low so it was a scorcher of a season. We later drove back up to Fremantle where we stayed. Spending time with family and friends, going to the beach and had lots of family time.

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This is boring weather we’re experiencing today. It’s been raining all day since noon and with the lack of sleep last night, I’m very contented to just stay indoors. Since’s we’ve decided to stay in thought it’ll be nice to share some photos taken from our Bali holiday.

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Italian Castle

Looking at the stone ‘everything’ of this castle, naturally the first thing that came into my mind when I got there was that my high heels and platforms will not be making an appearance during our stay here unless I wanted to leave in crutches. In flip-flops, I explored this gorgeous castle and was in awe with everything about it. Every corner of this place was thought of. Our rooms were not small, they were like apartments with a bedroom in the added top floor (because the ceiling was high enough to create a second floor) and living space on the bottom. ~ Castello di Vicarello ~

For the course of 3 days, I lived the life of luxury…

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Its been crazy week preparing for this trip and my daily blogging has suffered because of it. But I’ve finally made it and I’m in Indonesia now and survived the day of marketing while nursing a cold and just overall exhausted. However, I couldn’t be happier to have done this and its been a wonderful eye opening experience so far meeting some genuinely friendly people in this hard town.

Image from Patterson Maker

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Phuket People

I apologize for my lack of blogging past few days. Although, I had very good intentions whilst on vacation to catch-up on some blog posts. I even brought my laptop and had a perfect temporary office set-up in our villa but low and behold the benefits of technology failed me that weekend and my laptop went on strike for the duration of my holiday.

In faithfulness to sharing my love for beautiful interiors. Its only appropriate to share these  pictures taken of our villa. From the Burmese Raindrum dining table to our plunge pool, the only time we left our villa was to eat and go to go to the beach.

Overall it was a great vacation with lots of relaxation. Sadly I couldn’t get any work done with my computer in limbo which meant spending good quality time with my family and it was a good thing.

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Keeping it Simple

I’ve recently been going over lots of images and reading one guest review after another on hotels and B&Bs in Italy. Some of the images are awe-inspiring. Looking at the old rustic Tuscan architecture and the interiors so raw and simple.

Image from Modern Hepburn
Image from Petterson Maker
Image from Petterson Maker
Image from Petterson Maker
Image from Petterson Maker

When you have rich history and stunning views, you don’t really need much but the basics that would compliment the natural originality of your environment.

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Our Friend Carlos Aguilar

We met Carlos and his wife Angelica on our second trip to Mexico City. Every time I go I make it a point to visit the Bazaar Sabado ~Saturday Bazaar~
Bazaar Sabado

Sadly Carlos passed away last month and we are overwhelmed with sadness at the loss of a dear friend. Living in New York at the time and being a Singaporean, we’re used to being very secluded and concluding to negative first impressions. How my mindset changed once meeting them. Just by chatting for a few minutes we were invited over to their home and embraced us into their lives. How someone so gifted and experienced can be so humble and open… I guess it takes one who is confident and is truly at peace with the world to do that.

He might not be with us in body but his spirit will forever live through his art.
We fell in love with his flamenco dancer that we bought the day we met and had him ship Marcel Marceau a few months later…
They are now not just pieces of art but also a memory of a dear friend.

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Last Week I…

… was feeling a little under the weather but luckily its nothing a little R&R couldn’t cure. I’m glad that didn’t stop me from meeting up with friends and attending a new boutique hotel grand opening.

This chic boutique hotel called Wanderlust I find very unique just opened. Located just by Singapore’s Little India, the shophouse that once used to be a school has charming characteristics like the old Peranakan tiles at the entrance and wide marble floored staircase keeps the character of what the building used to be. However, the rooms couldn’t be any more different! Each room has a different theme and a good use of space that’s very loft like.

This is very cool there was someone there to cut out our profiles.
Nice touch don’t you think?

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Ballerinas & Leather

I love shoes and handbags just as much as the next girl. I’m especially a TODS fan.
Some new goodies i found in store. I personally love tanned leather handbags, they look extremely stylish when its seasoned from daily use and abuse. You’ll only need one! I’m loving both these handbag designs along with these gorgeous ballerinas.


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