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Happy 2016!


Happy 2016!
Already back in the grind and smelling the coffee each morning reminds me that the holidays are finally over. I felt a little upset un-decorating my tree but I also felt a sense of excitement to start the new year. I am against resolutions but I do want to take into play all that I’ve learned in 2015 and apply them to this New Year and basically putting one foot in front of the other this time a little wiser then before.

A few things. I have learned:
1) Creating Possibilities.

It is as easy as it sounds. Nothing else is holding me back except for myself. With that in mind I can create anything knowing that nothing external can hold me back. Onward and Upward!


2) Relationships are to be cherished

Despite how different I am from someone else. Understanding that someone’s personality is derived from their life’s circumstances and who am I to judge.


3) Never feel guilty for taking “Me” time

I have this thanks her for this.


4) Practice Being Present

I have come to the realisation that that voice in my head isn’t really me or who I am. So now I can be present to it and learn to control it.


5) Don’t sweat the small stuff

Keep taking the calculated big leaps first then worry about the safe stuff later. I have always avoided the bigger decision out of fear of the unknown. Practice keeping to the integrity of the possibility I’ve created



6) Read more romance novels

As cheesy as some of these stories are it does the trick to help me gravitate to being a more loving wife.

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Designer Focus – Janet Lin


Here’s a little bit of information about Janet Lin, designer / artist of our featured hand painted dinner plates.



I’ve gotten to know Janet many years ago and was taken in by her soft spiritual demure. She lives with her son Andy along with her well looked after cat. Every time I visit her bright apartment (top floor)I remember her wide open windows welcoming a soft breeze that constantly uplifts her home make it very welcoming. She offers me slippers, traditional Chinese tea and biscuits every time, sometimes a little gift to bring home for the kids. A true warm hearted lady.



Janet takes pride in her hobbies. She comes with an artistic background, later finding herself in Singapore as an art supplier bringing in unique pieces of art from her home country Taiwan.


She soon took to her hobbies making them a lifestyle and now a business. She paints, makes jewellery and does pottery. Her skills in creativity and concentration is something I feel is spiritual as she puts in a lot of passion and time in her art. This is the main reason how this collaboration came about and why I hope that this would last for many more projects to come.


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Urban Kandy Dining

I can’t believe we’re a week away from it being February already. Where are the days going?!?

Very exciting time for us though as we unveil our latest range of Dinner Plates exclusively within Urban Kandy.

What’s so special about them?
Each piece are individually hand painted by our very talented local artist Janet Lin. More about Janet Here.

Table Setting

We were very excited to “break” them in (for display purposed only) during our formal Christmas dinner party.

At the moment, we have 20pieces of 3 designs. This are our Palm Tree motif plates.

Palm Tree

…our Fern Leaf motif


…and our Flower Bud motif.


Flower Bud Motif

Palm Leaf Mofif

Palm Tree Motif

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Let’s talk about Celadon.



Not many of you would know that by definition, “celadon” stands for the pale green or greyish-green glaze used to coat the classic pottery of China, although this term now denotes the pottery itself. Originating about 3,500 years ago. The finest celadon was reserved for the imperial palace. During the reign of the Sung Dynasty Emperor Huizong (1101 to 1125 A.D.), potters created Ru celadon with a sky-blue crackled glaze. Some Ru celadon still exists, considered among the finest examples of Chinese celadon.

The unique green celadon glaze is a result of iron oxide’s transformation from ferric to ferrous iron during the firing process ~ 2400° F (1300° C). The thickness of the glaze is also important. The cracks won’t form if the glaze is too thin, and they will collapse if the glaze is too thick.


In the 15th century, Chiangmai became a new area of celadon production. However, between the 16th and early 19th centuries, celadon production ceased in Thailand during this period of conflict with Burma. In the early 20th century, celadon manufacturing resumed, replicating the ancient standards of Si Satchanalai. Today’s production remains faithful to the past, except for machines and molds for selected items like plates.



Urban Kandy proud to carry a gorgeous range of these earthly (Oven, Dishwasher and Microwave Safe) tablewares of Thai Celadon and Terracotta serving dishes and bowls. Visit our online store here to have a look at our full range of items.


Vase images from here. Celadon bunny from here. Flower vase image from here. Celadon plate image from here.

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I’m always attracted to homes with clean straight lines, homes that are white and crisp. I think it’s mainly due to the fact that it’s impossible for my home to look like that. I’ve accepted that fact, after many years in the business I’ve fallen in love and collected many unique pieces that just about fit into our home without starting to look cluttered. (I’m don’t work well with clutter)


However nothing wrong with admiring.



If you’re decorating on a budget, upscale on the minimalist furniture and accessories you must have. i.e. sofa or table lamp, or even put down a little extra money to upscale your staircase. This alone can give great impact to your space.


Bedroom image from here.Kitchen image from here. Walkway image from here. Stairs image from here.

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For those who are unsure of our packing if you are choosing or have chosen to purchase something from our store and had it sent directly to someone for a special occasion. This is our standard gift wrapping. We will write on the card addressing your receiver. If you have any other gift wrapping requests, please feel free to let us know in the comment section during your purchase.

Packaging image from here.

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Great Acts

We’re back from our month long hiatus and we’re fully charged once again and rearing to GO!

I’ve not made much press of this but we’ve recently participated in the wonderful Public Garden event and I had a wonderful time. Although it was through the weekend and I usually like to spend the weekend with my family but this was my first Public Garden event and thought it’ll be good to give it a go. I’m glad I did because I had lots and lots of fun. Met some lovely people and especially some beautiful vendors who are very true and passionate to their trade which was so lovely to be a part of.

Some great vendors I had the pleasure to meet.



Mason & Smith



Moody Mary


I got to meet Moody Mary’s mascot Bruno. He’s the cutest thing ever.

Strangely Yours

On the side, I can’t stop listing to this song. Have a great week! x

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New @ Urban Kandy

Something different to add to your dinner party this year.
Our set of six napkin rings are the latest addition to our store.







We’re very excited about these little carved critters. All of them hand made the Zebra, Leapord and Giraffe are hand painted while the others are in their natural skin colour. Carved from teak wood, they make a very interesting mix to your table setting.

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One Night Only @ Marmalade Pantry

We’re thrilled that our event at Marmalade Pantry went off without a hitch (If you count out the torrential rain of course). Despite the rain there was a huge turnout and wonderful reviews, everyone had a very good time and managed to get some gorgeous Christmas gifts too.

Many thanks to Cassandra, Kenneth and their team @ Marmalade Pantry for their efforts towards making the night perfect.

I’m gutted we didn’t get a photo together but the other girls involved in creating the event. Emma of Essential Fine Wines, Jenny & Kristina of Grace Jewellery, Emma of White Ginger and Katrina of Prosperity. Let’s get prepping for the New Year!!

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Bring on the Celadon

Yippie! We couldn’t be more excited with our latest addition of Celadon and Terracotta Earthware here at our Urban Kandy web store. I absolutely love them. Especially since they’re so “solid” and very pretty and of course not to mention, Dishwasher / Oven and Microwave safe! What’s also special about them is that they’re hand made. None of that factory produced nonsense this Celadon craftsmanship is something passed on from generation to generation originated thousand of years ago from China.

Check out our web store here

We look forward to introducing more soon.

Maybe it’s the tone or maybe the texture but I can’t get enough of terracotta. We painted our New York apartment walls to the shade of terracotta. I’m still not over it. I want more!

Second image taken from here. Third image taken from here.

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Getting Creative

New stock has arrived and now we have the pain stakeing task in making sure they get photographed well. While doing some research here are some product photography I really love.

Nothing’s more frustrating that trying to be creative when there’s just no juice. I’ve been taking some time getting out of the house, going to a coffee shop, running or even yoga for even just 30mins. There’s too many things that could distract me at home. I think creativity come with a clear head and fresh eyes.

First image from here. Second image from here. Third image from here. Forth image from here. Fifth image from here. Sixth image from here.

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This and That

… and I thought life couldn’t get more exciting. Cracking open a new crate of stock that has just arrived. This means lots of work to be done but we can’t wait to announce our new arrivals.

On another note, our very first professional family photo shoot has come through! I’m very pleased with the work of our photographer Hema hema R photography for capturing gorgeous moments. – Shout Out – :)

Have a great week ahead!

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Rack’em & Stack’em

Urban Kandy is having a little promo on our decorative box selections online. We’re offering 50% off on all our decorative boxes to help us all get a little organized.

Here are a few gorgeous reasons to check out our amazing deal!

Adding cute labels to them helps with keeping your personal knick-knacks organized. Love stacking boxes of different shapes and designs, they look pretty sweet with age too.

Shelving pretty boxes is one way to decorate your personal space.

Camera storage image from here. Image of worn boxes and art closet from here. Chic coffee table image taken from here.
Rack'em Stack'em image from here. Boxes boxes and more boxes imagery take from here.

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On the Look Out

We’re always on the look out for charming shop spaces for a retail store.
Sure with a toddler and another child on the way, this might seem a little distant but you can’t be too prepared to know what you want.

This Etsy Lab courtyard location is absolutely stunning.
…Sure it’s in Kruezberg, Berlin but I find this location totally charming.

First image found here, second image found here, third image found here


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Our February Feature!

If you’re unaware, we’re down to our last four pieces of handmade Indian Marble Vases in our online store.
We’ve been looking high and low for these sought after lamps, each piece is hand painted on gorgeously carved marble. Not an easy process which require fine craftsmanship taught from generations of skilled craftsman in Rajasthan.

Because each piece is hand made that means not each piece are exactly identical.

We are left with four pieces in store two in medium and two small. They make gorgeous conversational pieces to your home or as a special gift.

Visit us online

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Gift Wrapping

Thought we’d share with you some of Urban Kandy’s gift wrapping options.
Our main priority is to ensure that all items arrive in it’s original condition.
Hence we ensure that items are packed well and shipped in an appropriate sized mailing box.

All our mailing boxes are extra thick and we ensure lots of space in-between for proper cushion padding for the bumpy road ahead. (We find crushed paper the best material for this)

Items are first wrapped with white wrapping tissue and bubble wrap. We then place them in a mailing box padded with paper or foam balls (foam balls for gift wrap options) which are then wrapped with brown paper and tied with rope, wax-sealed with an attached tag-card.

Standard Urban Kandy delivery packaging without gift wrapping option.

If you choose from our other gift wrapping options, we replace crushed paper with foam balls, we also include a greeting card with your personalized message.

Package is then wrapped with plastic wrap to protect it from the elements during delivery.

For Birthday gift wrapping options, we also include appropriate wrapping paper.